Psalm 23 – in my own words

(Prompted by a conversation with Mike Penninga concerning when he did a similar exercise, and based on my personal experiences during my walk with the Father.)

Yahweh is my Master. Everything I need, He provides me.

When I need rest and peace, they are mine, and more complete than words can record.

He has given me a life that is finally worth the living.

He teaches me how to live that life in a manner that shows to the world His power to heal and restore, so that those who are broken will know that they can trust Him to cure them of their spiritual terminal condition. Sometimes His teaching takes place in a meadow or a mountaintop, but mostly it takes place in the deepest, darkest valleys, whether He’s allowed me to wander there, led me there, or even created it for me. It is there, where I do not see Him, where I have lost my way and don’t know where to go or what to do, where all of my self-confidence and pride are stripped away, that I am finally, finally open to hear the truth that is bitter on the tongue, yet sweet in the belly and nourishing to the soul.


When all seems lost, I know that that is an illusion, for He has proven to me that He will never leave me or forsake me; even my worst experiences are there to help me to learn and grow. He has shown me His power to protect and discipline me; His rod has come down upon those who have set themselves against me, and me, myself. Both ultimately gave my heart comfort.

He has repeatedly shown that I have His favour right in front of those who are against me, and again and again they have been ashamed and repented, to His Glory.

He has anointed me to be His Servant and shepherd, and shown me His great favour through the overwhelming abundance that He has given me in front of all.

I have absolute confidence that He who began a good thing in me will continue until it is complete; His faithful love will hound and hunt me for all of my existence, and His home shall be my welcomed resting place for all eternity.

Amen and amen.

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The Fall of the New Roman Empire – Part 1

I’ve been pondering how our society is falling apart at the seams, and folks, let’s face it; the REAL problem is that morals are degrading more and more every day, and the more selfish, self-centered, and egotistical people become, the more likely they are to want more than their fair share and scream bloddy blue murder if they don’t get what they want. That’s why women’s shelters were created in the first place, when chauvinistic men used force to make their wives submit to them. It isn’t all one sided, though. While studies have shown that women are just as likely to be violent as men (or even more so), men tend to be more aggressive and stronger, so women tend to get hurt more in physical altercations. Consider the Ray Rice story; his wife kept yelling at him and hitting him until he retaliated, knocking her out with a single punch. (Don’t believe me? Just watch the surveillance videos.) Hard-line feminists don’t want to acknowledge that, and can become very violent about it, to the point where Erin Pizzey, who opened the very first women’s shelter in the UK in 1970 eventually had to flee from her own country in fear for her life because of death threats from feminists. (She held on until the local police had all her parcels go to them, first, so they could check for bombs, and finally her dog was shot in her front yard.)
All of this has effected me, personally. Four years ago, I escaped a twenty-five year abusive marriage, and I can testify that there was NO useful support for me, an abused husband, for all of those years, or since. Even in counselling sessions, the counsellors couldn’t offer me practical advice, because, while I couldn’t raise my kids on my own and work, there was no way in hell I was going to leave them alone with her, and all support (at least in Canada) goes to the mother, none to the father. (In fact, the man who started the only shelter in Canada for men escaping abusive relationships eventually committed suicide because he couldn’t get funding from anybody because they feared feminist retaliation, and he had bankrupted himself trying to help victimized men.)
Am I saying that all chauvinists/feminists are monsters? Hardly. What I’m saying is that anyone who puts their own comfort and desires (NOT survival; if you can’t survive a situation, you need to change it.) ahead of someone else’s, will naturally start to demonize those who don’t agree with them, placing de-humanizing labels on them to make it easier to justify their hateful thoughts and actions, even altering the definition of words to disparage them. (‘Cisgender’ comes to mind. I agree with my DNA that I have XY chromosomes. How does that make me a horrible person again?)
What does all of this mean? If you are taught over and over again that someone is less than you (…and you can teach yourself this), then it becomes easier and easier to attack them. The internet is a fantastic tool for this, because you can attack personas (like the human targets that started to get introduced after WW2, to replace round targets) until you have sharpened your instincts enough that you attack people in real life before you even think about it. Even more, the internet allows people of like thinking to form into navel-gazing groups that reinforce their own opinions while being highly resistant to critical thinking. These groups can become EXTREMELY powerful, to the point where they can influence federal governments to enact laws that the majority of citizens are against! I’m utterly convinced that this institutionalized self-centeredness is what is going to bring down modern society. How can we stop this? How do we restore sanity, when the people who are causing the damage won’t listen to reason? I confess that I don’t know how it is possible, without God’s help. I can speak up and appeal to people to think carefully about what they believe, to seek credible sources for what they are told, but I can’t control anyone but myself; I can only try to influence people to actively love others, to be patient, kind, gentle, self-controlled, and wise in their thoughts and actions. I am only one. Are you willing to be one, too, and help save us all?
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Little One


(This was inspired while talking with someone whose life was falling apart.  She was frantically, ineffectually trying everything she could think of to solve her problems without the knowledge, skills, or insight to do so, nor the willingness to listen to anyone else’s advice.)

Hush, Little One.
You struggle and flutter uselessly,
Like a moth against a window,
Trying with every ounce of your strength
To get to the freedom you can see right in front of you,
Through the pane that you just can’t understand.

Be calm, Little One
Let your Father’s gentle, loving hands enfold you
Trusting that He will take you away from where you can only see your freedom
To where it actually is.

Go free, Little One
Let the Spirit, the very breath of God, support you
As you open fragile wings to soar impossibly higher and farther
Than you could have ever dreamt,
A gift beyond measure.

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A Prayer For Marching Orders

Captain, O my Captain
Order me this day!
That the Enemy’s plans be countered
And demons be dismayed!
Stretch my ears to hear the calling
Of those reaching their last excuse.
Guide my hand to catch the falling
Guide my sword to cut the noose.
Let my fight be an expression
Of Your powerful, perfect love
So those I am protecting
Will turn in awe to You above.


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Open your eyes.
Open your ears.
You can’t, can you? Not fully, not to perceive what reality is truly made of, not with your very human nature, blind and deaf to all that it wishes not to see or hear.
Now let Him open them for you. Ask Him. Beg Him. Plead in desperation with Him to show you what is, like a man with empty lungs looking up at the distant surface of the water, a mother calling out for her lost child in a winter storm.
Stand near.
See Wisdom call out in the streets, her razor-edged tones stripping away the plush flocking of self-delusion.
There is nothing soft or seductive in her strident voice, calling fools to put away their foolishness, and the simple their ignorance.
(What but a sheath can accept a thrust from such a sword and take no damage from it?)
Watch as those with crooked ears flinch at hearing her straight words, and pull away, forbearing to leave their effort-built nest of sins.
“We’ve earned it!” they cry, and they have. Oh, how they have. And we weep for them.
Gaze in horrified wonder as they twist and turn and bleed on the hooks that they set deep into their own flesh in the name of momentary pleasure or escape from momentary pain.
Marvel at the depths the sinful sink to, in order to drown the waves of conviction that wash over them.
The truth comes calling, and all that they can do is run, never seeing the cliff before them.
We try to show them, but their eyes are held tightly closed to the Light.
We try to tell them, but their fingers are in their ears to block out the Word.
All that we can do is helplessly let them go.
All that we can do is helplessly watch them fall.
All that we can do is helplessly see them hit rock bottom.
All that we can do is try once again, to plead with them to not go looking for another cliff.
Are you ready for more?
Study what you see more closely, and see that ‘they’ is a single individual, who looks eerily familiar.
Open your eyes wider, wider still, and you will see the frame around the mirror as He holds it lovingly in front of you, ready to hold you in His arms as you shatter in agonized realization that all that you’ve seen and heard is who you truly are, and what you’ve truly done, apart from Him.
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To Save Ten Million Lives…

Here is an email on locale-appropriate technology that I send out to various interested parties.  Please send a copy to anyone you think might be able to help get this information to those who so desperately need it.


Hey, guys! I’m just here to pass on some links on water filtering; safer, more efficient heating/cooking; strong, inexpensive buildings; soil improvement; and safer septic systems. (All five technologies can be easily put into use with local materials and few tools.) Please note that most subjects will require further study to see how best they can be implemented, but, when used together, almost guarantees a substantial improvement in the standard of living, when not outright saving lives.



Main points of rocket stoves:

  • Fuel is completely burned:
  • Because the  combustion chamber is well insulated, the temperature inside of it can reach 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • No smoke.  The operating temperature inside the  combustion chamber is more than double the autoignition point of any fuel you would be using, so everything (even smoke) is burned.  Once at operating temperature, the exhaust mostly consists of warm, moist air, rich in CO2, which is perfect for greenhouse atmosphere.
  • No soot in pipes.  (As one link states, it took over two years for sufficient creosote to build up in the heat exchanger to noticeably effect performance, without becoming a hazard.)
  • No carbon monoxide.  Because of high air flow rate (the reason behind the word ‘rocket’), every carbon atom has lots of oxygen atoms to bind to.
  • Very little ash to clean out.
  • Versatile.  Burn wood chips, branches, leaves, grass clippings, newspaper, entire trees.  It will all burn completely.
  • +90% efficiency.  4-8 times more efficient, compared to regular wood stoves.
  • Safe.  The only high heat is in the combustion chamber, which doesn’t strictly need to be immediately adjacent to where the fuel is burned, or the mass to be heated.  The exhaust is generally as hot as a cup of coffee.
  • Inexpensive.  Almost all of the stove can be made with materials gathered on-sight (clay/straw/etc.)
  • Attractive.  The outer surface can be clay/metal/etc., Whatever you want it to look like.
  • The top of the combustion chamber can be used as a flat cooking surface, contain a stock pot insert, and/or be used for a hot water heater/boiler.



  • Functions almost like a coral reef for sheltering soil micro-organisms
  • Holds water and nutrients until plants remove them, keeping both from leeching further down into soil, and water from evaporating upwards.
  • Component of terra preta
  • Solely mechanical soil improvement



CD3WD Core – 6 DVDs ~26GB


CD3WD Educational Content
Preschool / Primary / Junior School – 11 dvds ~47GB
Senior Secondary (High School) – 9 DVDs ~39GB
Misc (Vocational, Agriculture, Etc) – 7 DVDs ~28GB
Novels, including Wikipedia content – 4 DVDs ~16GB


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His Words

Worry not what you will say,
When called to speak of God to men.
Hold tightly to His guiding hand;
Be open to His Spirit, then
The words will come, in perfect form, with perfect aim,
Arrows tipped by humble human tongue
Piercing chinks in hardest armoured heart.
Not from any mortal sprung,
Nor wisdom of the worldly kind.
No! They’re fired straight from the Lord’s own bow,
Throwing hands and cries into the air,
Dropping knees and tears to Earth below.
So that all that witness can but one thing say
“Only God could have done this, here, today!”

(Based on 1 Corinthians 2:1-5)

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