Open your eyes.
Open your ears.
You can’t, can you? Not fully, not to perceive what reality is truly made of, not with your very human nature, blind and deaf to all that it wishes not to see or hear.
Now let Him open them for you. Ask Him. Beg Him. Plead in desperation with Him to show you what is, like a man with empty lungs looking up at the distant surface of the water, a mother calling out for her lost child in a winter storm.
Stand near.
See Wisdom call out in the streets, her razor-edged tones stripping away the plush flocking of self-delusion.
There is nothing soft or seductive in her strident voice, calling fools to put away their foolishness, and the simple their ignorance.
(What but a sheath can accept a thrust from such a sword and take no damage from it?)
Watch as those with crooked ears flinch at hearing her straight words, and pull away, forbearing to leave their effort-built nest of sins.
“We’ve earned it!” they cry, and they have. Oh, how they have. And we weep for them.
Gaze in horrified wonder as they twist and turn and bleed on the hooks that they set deep into their own flesh in the name of momentary pleasure or escape from momentary pain.
Marvel at the depths the sinful sink to, in order to drown the waves of conviction that wash over them.
The truth comes calling, and all that they can do is run, never seeing the cliff before them.
We try to show them, but their eyes are held tightly closed to the Light.
We try to tell them, but their fingers are in their ears to block out the Word.
All that we can do is helplessly let them go.
All that we can do is helplessly watch them fall.
All that we can do is helplessly see them hit rock bottom.
All that we can do is try once again, to plead with them to not go looking for another cliff.
Are you ready for more?
Study what you see more closely, and see that ‘they’ is a single individual, who looks eerily familiar.
Open your eyes wider, wider still, and you will see the frame around the mirror as He holds it lovingly in front of you, ready to hold you in His arms as you shatter in agonized realization that all that you’ve seen and heard is who you truly are, and what you’ve truly done, apart from Him.

About keithfromcanada

I'm Keith, also called 'Kevin', for some strange reason. I'm from Canada. I also know Eric and Baxter. They say hi.
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