Little One


(This was inspired while talking with someone whose life was falling apart.  She was frantically, ineffectually trying everything she could think of to solve her problems without the knowledge, skills, or insight to do so, nor the willingness to listen to anyone else’s advice.)

Hush, Little One.
You struggle and flutter uselessly,
Like a moth against a window,
Trying with every ounce of your strength
To get to the freedom you can see right in front of you,
Through the pane that you just can’t understand.

Be calm, Little One
Let your Father’s gentle, loving hands enfold you
Trusting that He will take you away from where you can only see your freedom
To where it actually is.

Go free, Little One
Let the Spirit, the very breath of God, support you
As you open fragile wings to soar impossibly higher and farther
Than you could have ever dreamt,
A gift beyond measure.


About keithfromcanada

I'm Keith, also called 'Kevin', for some strange reason. I'm from Canada. I also know Eric and Baxter. They say hi.
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