Psalm 23 – in my own words

(Prompted by a conversation with Mike Penninga concerning when he did a similar exercise, and based on my personal experiences during my walk with the Father.)

Yahweh is my Master. Everything I need, He provides me.

When I need rest and peace, they are mine, and more complete than words can record.

He has given me a life that is finally worth the living.

He teaches me how to live that life in a manner that shows to the world His power to heal and restore, so that those who are broken will know that they can trust Him to cure them of their spiritual terminal condition. Sometimes His teaching takes place in a meadow or a mountaintop, but mostly it takes place in the deepest, darkest valleys, whether He’s allowed me to wander there, led me there, or even created it for me. It is there, where I do not see Him, where I have lost my way and don’t know where to go or what to do, where all of my self-confidence and pride are stripped away, that I am finally, finally open to hear the truth that is bitter on the tongue, yet sweet in the belly and nourishing to the soul.


When all seems lost, I know that that is an illusion, for He has proven to me that He will never leave me or forsake me; even my worst experiences are there to help me to learn and grow. He has shown me His power to protect and discipline me; His rod has come down upon those who have set themselves against me, and me, myself. Both ultimately gave my heart comfort.

He has repeatedly shown that I have His favour right in front of those who are against me, and again and again they have been ashamed and repented, to His Glory.

He has anointed me to be His Servant and shepherd, and shown me His great favour through the overwhelming abundance that He has given me in front of all.

I have absolute confidence that He who began a good thing in me will continue until it is complete; His faithful love will hound and hunt me for all of my existence, and His home shall be my welcomed resting place for all eternity.

Amen and amen.


About keithfromcanada

I'm Keith, also called 'Kevin', for some strange reason. I'm from Canada. I also know Eric and Baxter. They say hi.
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